Sunday, June 18, 2017

Abby Lee Miller Weight Loss Surgery, in Contrast with Her Past Life

Abby Lee miller used to be known as dancer, choreographer, and the director and owner of Reign Dance Production. Her debut as dancer could be seen on Abby Lee Youtube. There were many videos of Abby showing the good dance for healthy. In that time, Abby was still teenager which 14 years old, while now, Abby had reached to the 50 years of her age. In the past, Abby showed people how to dance and even making choreography for some artist and personal dancer. It was because Abby known for her talent and ability to dance and people known for that. 

But the shocking truth comes for Abby in the last following years. Abby had faced several problems in her life and even jailed for some of crime made by her. She was accused in fraud which she was making fake bank account to hide some of her money and her assets. The problems had by Abby shown in contrast with her past life where she was well known for her capability and talent. Some people figured that caused obesity to Abby’s body, but in who knows in the truth? Even so, the more controversial decision Abby had made was Abby Lee Miller Weight Loss Issue.

The Abby Lee Miller Weight Loss Issue has become controversial because Abby done it by surgery. People might wonder why did Abby did surgery for her weight loss, instead of doing body move which was healthier. Many people accused Abby by her surgery decision, even though Abby seems ignored what people said about her. Her self-defense to be said that reason of her surgery was because she want to start her life new. She wanted to raise up again from her trough and dark life. That might be the decision of Abby Lee Miller which was in contrast with her past life.

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