Friday, February 24, 2017

March: Lady Gaga’s Month

When people are talking about Stefani Germanotta, there will not be many people who recognize this name unless them who have great liking for Lady Gaga. Yes, it is the birth name of Mother Monster. However, people all around the world recognized Lady Gaga as world class singer, diva, song writer, and many more. However, we can make sure that the position which she had today cannot be separated from her life in the past.
She cannot erase the fact that she is the daughter of Cynthia and Joseph Germanotta although many people are asking about how old is lady gaga's daughter. It is not the time for asking about Lady Gaga’s daughter because actually they have to ask about her age. March is coming and this is the month for Lady Gaga. She was born on March 28th, 1986. This year can be a great year for her because she just released her latest album in late 2016. The world cannot forget the great show she performed during Super Bowl Halftime Show which made so many people tweeted about the show.

After the great achievement from her album and her show, she should celebrate her lady gaga bday with the thing she needs the most, love.

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